The Cashmere division of Lekali Corp.Pvt.Ltd manufacture super-luxurious Cashmere products in Nepal to export
worldwide. With our years of experience and research, we are proud to offer the most exclusive products found in
the market. Our product range includes shawls, scarfs, sweaters, blankets, throws and hats etc. We specializes in
fashion knitwear and woven products made from Cashmere, Merinos and Cashmere Blends. 


We have 52 computerized knitting machines including world’s best STOLL from Germany with a gauge range of 3gg up to 16gg. To ensure the products confirm to high standards, we use the world finest, Rezacci, for the finishing stage.

We can deliver up-to 30,000 pieces per month and our lead time range from 8 to 16 weeks. We use Autosweat, a production control software that allows us to be in complete control of your orders. This results in better planning, reduced errors, increased efficiency and cost savings – which we can then pass on to our customers!

Our products go through various checkpoints before they leave our factory and this is monitored by a dedicated team of quality control experts.

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