Lekali Carpets

About Lekali Carpets

Our family has been in the carpet business since the mid 1980’s or for almost 40 years. We started off from a small shop to becoming one of the leading manufacturing and exporting houses of high quality Nepalese-Tibetan carpets.

Products & Services

Our product portfolio mostly consist of “true 60 to 125” knots per sq. inch quality carpets. This knot density is most suitable for translating intricate designs to an actual carpet and within a reasonable time frame. The size of our carpets can range from a small 30 cm x 30 cm ( 1 ft. x 1 ft.) sample to a giant 1,200 cm x 1,350 cm (40 ft. x 45 ft.) piece.

Pot Dyeing Yarn in Small Batches

The cotton yarn that we use contain a very low percentage of polyester and this helps to add strength and elasticity to the frame (warp & weft) of the carpet base construction.

We pot dye our materials as per project requirement and practice “standards on non-use of harmful substances for textiles & clothing.” This means, we’re using dye stuff from the reputed Swiss brand Archroma (former Sandoz & Clariant) but via their Asia offices in Singapore and India.

Our handmade carpets take as little as one month to around 5 months from design concept to reaching your door

Basic & Special Raw Materials

Handspun Himalayan woolen yarn from free range sheep.
Handspun Himalayan wild nettle and hemp yarn.
High count silk yarn.
Pure to poly mix cotton yarn.
High count linen yarn.
Blends of Wool + Silk and related materials.
Custom yarn as per market demands.

Various Qualities

60 Knots per sq. inch,
Super 60 Knots per sq. inch,
80 Knots per sq. inch,
Super 80 Knots per sq. inch,
100 Knots per sq. inch,
125 Knots per sq. inch, and Custom Knot quality
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